Lawn Mowing

Keep your yard looking neat and clean. We have different mowers for different types of grass and use them according to your lawn's specific needs. We also possess the knowledge and experience of mowing the grasses at the perfect height for your grass type.

Our Services

- Preparation of the site for the season (cleaning of any territory, planned activities for the care of the lawn and shrubs, we put the neglected territories in order);
- Cleaning of abandoned sites of any complexity;
- Planting/transplantation of plants/flowers;
- Pruning of fruit and ornamental trees;
- Bevel/mowing of grass and weeds (we mow grass of any complexity);
- Beveling/cutting shrubs and hedges;
- Mowing the lawn to the correct and beautiful shape;
- Aeration and scoring of the lawn with professional equipment;
- Sawing / sawing of trees / branches;
- Cleaning the area from dust and leaves with a blower or using vacuum equipment in more inaccessible or closed places;
- Collection in heaps/packing in bags and removal of cut grass/leaves;

Why you need
lawn mowing

Lawn maintenance is a must. When leaving, he retains all his attractiveness. With regular proper care, you will have a beautiful lawn on the site. Care is not difficult, the main point is constancy and regularity. In the first year after laying the lawn, try to walk on it less and protect it from animals, especially dogs. Our faithful four-legged friends love to dig in the most inappropriate places.



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